Employment Litigation

We are experts at representing our clients in all forms of employment-related disputes. We work in partnership with our clients to devise the best litigation strategies and help them achieve their ultimate aims.

Examples of our work in this area include:

  • Drafting defences to claims for unfair and wrongful dismissal, disability discrimination and whistleblowing detriment.

  • Handling disclosure, preparation of witness statements and representing clients at interim hearings.

  • Advising on prospects of success.

  • Negotiating and concluding out-of-court settlements.

  • Representing clients at judicial and commercial mediations.

  • Successfully applying for costs against an unsuccessful party in Tribunal litigation.

We are experienced and tenacious litigators, and have successfully represented employers and employees in complex claims before the Employment Tribunal, Employment Appeal Tribunal and the Court of Appeal.

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If you would like to discuss our services further:

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