US & International Business

For businesses with a global focus, whether that’s overseas businesses investing in the UK or UK businesses working in the global marketplace, our advice and expertise provides reassurance to management teams that their employment law matters are meticulously taken care of.  

Navigating global legislation and ensuring compliance in all territories that a business operates is a complex task and one that we’re adept at fulfilling. We work with our global network of lawyers to meet all client needs.

In addition to global corporates, we also assist global partnerships, particularly law firms.

Our track record with US businesses establishing or already undertaking operations in the UK speaks for itself. We advise on the complexities of UK employment law such as unfair dismissal and TUPE. We can also advise on the impact of new UK legislation such as GDPR and the cross-border flow of HR data.

Chris is technically fantastic with great commercial understanding and absolutely brilliant with clients. In particular, with US clients who don’t necessarily understand the complex processes and nuances of employment law in the UK. You can rely on him to hold their hands through the process and make it commercially digestable to them.
— Partner, US Law Firm, London