Restraint of Trade, Confidentiality and I.P.

Confidential information, intellectual property and customer and staff connections often form the most valuable assets of a business. It is critical that businesses, executives and partners understand their rights and obligations in relation to such data

Our work routinely sees us carry out the following:

  • Working with specialist counsel and other professionals in data recovery and injunctive relief matters, acting for claimant or defendant clients.

  • Providing pre-action risk mitigation strategies, enforcing or resisting injunctions, acting on claims involving breaches of fiduciary duties or the misuse of confidential information and IP.

  • Negotiating and drafting restrictive covenants in service agreements, partnership deeds, settlement agreements and business sale agreements.

  • Advising on restraints of trade, confidentiality and IP issues in the context of a transaction, including the adequacy of business protection clauses, and the impact of TUPE on those protections.

 In summary, whether you are acquiring a business and conducting due diligence, considering leaving your firm to join a competitor or seeking to recover data from a former employee or partner, our specialists can help.

If you would like to discuss our services further:

Chris Tutton