Seconded Legal Support

Law firms and in-house legal teams must be more agile than ever before in the face of increasing cost pressures and fluctuations in demand for legal work. Hiring an experienced lawyer is unlikely to help you respond to these challenges; the costs and long lead times involved usually make this route infeasible. Similarly, engaging traditional private practice firms can be equally costly, and crucially, fail to deliver the level of integration you need to successfully deliver a project.

Synchrony Law has been designed to solve these issues. Our professionals can be rapidly deployed to your legal team on a seconded basis, as and when you need. Whether this is to work as part of a M&A deal team or deliver a specific legal project, you can choose from our bench of talented employment lawyers who will integrate with your legal team and deliver a seamless service. By flexing your resource in this way, your team will deliver a more cost-effective service, and you will be able to focus more of your resources on strategic / high value work.

If you would like to discuss our services further:

Chris Tutton